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BULGARIA  is located in the southeastern corner of Europe. It is bordered by Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Romania, with the Black Sea on its eastern side, and the Danube as much of its northern border. The country is known for its fine beaches and ski resorts but also offers much more than this. There are fascinating villages and picturesque small towns, medieval monasteries and beautifully painted churches, dramatic sceneries and hidden natural wonders, interesting and mysterious artifacts from ancient cultures.


Sofia is the capital and largest city in Bulgaria. She's 15 th largest city in the European Union with a population of 1,291,895 people, or 16.4% of the population of Bulgaria. Located in central western Bulgaria, in Sofia valley and is surrounded by mountains: Vitosha to the south, west Lyulin and the Balkan Mountains to the north. Its total area is 492 km², and the elevation height is between 500 and 699 m. This makes it the fourth highest capital city in Europe.

The foundations of Sofia have been laid about 7,000 years ago and Sofia is one of the few capitals that bear the imprint of history – Roman walls and churches, fragments of Byzantine fortifications, 15th century Ottoman architecture, Russian style churches, monuments and buildings of the post-Liberation era, etc. The 21st century Sofia is a relaxing city with plenty of cultural events, excellent restaurants, bars and cafes, good transportation links, modern sport facilities, green parks.


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